What is "The Church in the Wilderness?" At our time of history, it is hard to imagine such a church. If you have trusted Jesus Christ as your personal savior, and if you can no longer stomach what goes on in many of this world's "establishment" churches, then possibly you are already a member of "The Church in the Wilderness," whether you realize it or not.

Many true believers during the centuries since Jesus walked this earth found themselves under such persecution that they were forced to flee the cities and seek refuge in secluded, rural areas. When persecution set in during the first and second centuries, Christians fled to secluded places in search of safety. By the fourth century, the Roman Empire was "Christianized" by Constantine the Great. Along with the new name "Christian," many heathen doctrines and practices of Mithraism also entered the state church. In reality, the name and principal characters of Mithraism were changed, but many pagan beliefs were "Christianized." Sabbath keeping was discouraged by the Council of Nicea (325 AD), and those who kept the seventh day holy were anathamatized by the Council of Laodicea around 337 AD. Lucian of Antioch (circa 300 AD) stood against many heathen beliefs and practices emanating from Rome and Alexandria, which were flooding the church of his day.

Canons of human origin began to replace Bible law in the state church. Tradition was elevated as equal to the Bible in establishing doctrine. A careful study of church history reveals that many who would not have their consciences dictated by Rome simply fled to the hinterlands to live and practice their faith, outside of the control of the state church. The Waldenses were one such group, who sought refuge in the Alpine valleys of Northern Italy during the early centuries and sufferred hundreds of years of Papal persecutions.

Millions of Albigenses of southern France deserted the state church, as they heard the gospel for the first time and trusted Jesus Christ for personal salvation. They carried the gospel far and wide during the eleventh century and before. It is estimated that some ten million of these faithful "remnant" Christians died as martyrs under the sword of Rome.

This website speaks to the modern "The Church in the Wilderness," and to all true believers of our day. It is built primarily from a series of weekly Bible lessons given over the past few years. The lessons are subdivided into categories, and carry a sequential number which lets you know the order in which they were originally given. As you work your way around the various subjects, you will find that each Bible lesson contains a timeless message hinging on personal faith in Jesus Christ. Wherever you live, whatever your occupation, are you a sinner, saved by faith in Jesus Christ? Then your faith forms your "ark of safety," no matter your circumstances. This website is dedicated to giving you a helping hand, as you deepen your faith walk through this world. Welcome to "The Church in the Wilderness." Give us your comments by email, please.




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