Emanuel McLittle
January 14, 2003

Sen. Lott was tested and he failed. So, what can we learn from it all? Without the concept of segregation, there would be no distinction between right or wrong, proper or improper, or even good people and bad people. Yet the nation witnessed the public mauling of a man said to personify racial segregation, the gravest sin against today's political intelligentsia. Trent Lott was not ousted from his leadership position because of race but because he regularly attacked an elitists panacea, one that has never worked to heal race relations in America. Instead, the civil rights era, its architects and legislation ballooned federal power to global in its scope and nearly absolute. A powerful central government used a bad situation, slavery, to create a worse situation by lacing one word with the deadliest poison: segregation.

Integration is an idea which suggests that the lot of black Americans improves in direct proportion to their association with whites. Arrogance never sees its own contradictions nor can it see the racism in this notion. It says in essence, that in and of themselves blacks cannot survive by their own wit and strength. But has living next door to whites really healed the 150-year-old racial wounds? No. It is the eradication of hostility crowding the hearts of one race against another that needs the medicine of forgiveness and love. If there were no differences, racially or otherwise, would we exercise caring for anyone except those inside our own group or family?

I do not imply here that racial segregation imposed by any state is anything but the blackest of evils. Government should support neither segregation nor integration. It should assure that everyone has equal access to all government protections and services, race be damned. No one should receive preferential treatment from the government we all pay for. It matters not whether you call the special treatment white privilege or affirmative action. Where the scales of justice tip in any direction, government must level them. When the job of guaranteeing all equal protection under the law is accomplished, government should have no more influence. If chattel slavery is the soup of a great evil, psychological slavery is the stock from which the soup is made.

Alabama's famous sheriff, Bull Connor, with the combined forces of his German shepherds and fire hoses could not stay off the eventual justice due black Americans. It was burned into destiny that slaves, brought to America by the greed of merchandising African kings and slave traders, could not long evade heaven's justice. The North and South may each have been motivated by honorable reason. The South, I believe, attempted to take on the opposition of a growing central power in Washington bent on breaking the contract with the original colonies, which said in essence, 'You are sovereign states.'

What the South did wrong, in my view, was draw a line in the sand with regard to Washington's insistence that they free all slaves. They sensed, as some historians now admit, that the domineering power growing in Washington had become quite skilled at using the moral high ground to feed a federal beast that wanted far more than the freedom of slaves. In fact, it has been surmised that the federal government would become so huge that all the rights of all Americans would be lost.

We witnessed the flogging of a man, Sen. Lott, whose words were interpreted to imply his approval of racial segregation. We have actually taken to judging the intent of a man's heart in our quiet drive to eliminate all free speech and thought. About this the South was right.

Acquiring the black vote, sought after by Republicans and strangled by  Democrats, has never been worth the cost of liberty for all Americans. Thus, a rage building in whites and others is rapidly reaching a boiling point. The civil rights remedy has in fact turned out to be a deadly poison. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been paid in tort litigation for racial discrimination. Money paid for psychological harm that if real, no amount of money could accomplish what a sincere apology could. Riots costing billions in property damage and the loss of hundreds of lives have burned in major cities. Race killed Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and countless other less known blacks.

Policies like affirmative action have harmed the initiative of blacks already in dire need of self-confidence and respect. Trillions spent in welfare have stolen black manhood. Seventy percent of all black homes are fatherless. The recipients of all those civil rights commit the most violent crimes in a country where black wealth and affluence is unmatched by any people of color anywhere in the world. Twenty percent of all black men above age 18 are in prison. For more than 135 years black Americans have been beholden to forces that provided legal remedies while imprisoning the heart of the same race of people. Now, liberal overlords holding blacks in a psycho-political prison aren't about to let them go, nor will they tolerate one word of its deviousness divulged. Therefore, the word segregation itself must be tainted with explosives that ignite.

The 1964 Civil Rights Act became the enforcement of a fairness that will never come by any means other than mutual respect. The act itself trumps the intent of the framers, who designed the new nation as colonies with equal powers. They knew that the federal government would corrupt if too much power were left in its hands. So, each state ruled its own territory. Each state was an independent power center with no one able to overrule it. The trouble is, some states took to violating the rights of some of their darker citizens by denying them citizenship and then enslaving them as property. This heaped great evil onto the South, causing a greater evil, a federal government turned global tyrant.

James Ostrowski, a New York attorney and writer said, 'In the last 100 years, elites abandoned classical liberalism for socialism, giving us a system that is inefficient at producing wealth, but extremely efficient at causing wars and engaging in mass murder. Elites have used their formal intellectual superiority over the masses to rule. Such intellectuals are far worse than the racists they claim to save blacks from.

Lincoln's own state, Illinois, would not let black slaves move into its boundaries or have access to its court system.' Henry David Thoreau noted, 'Slavery was buttressed by the federal government with its Fugitive Slave Laws, which forced escaped slaves to be returned to their owners.' The federal government provided protection for racial segregation and then saved us from itself.

Civil rights legislation, while affirming rights already guaranteed by the Constitution, may have actually been the tool that ignited a vengeful rage that destroyed far more than it repaired. The fourth amendment says, 'You, I and Trent Lott have a right to be secure in our persons .' This means that our thoughts are protected, that my thoughts do not have to agree with your thoughts. Trent Lott's thoughts should not be held to any standard. Nor should they be subject to any 'unreasonable search.' His job performance, and that alone, may be judged and that only by his constituents. But our system of government, including its unofficial mouthpiece, the media and behind-the-scenes orchestrators, now propose to punish all those who believe, think and speak out of turn. You may say, 'But Emanuel, he is a segregationist.' I would say to you, unless you violate his right to own his thoughts, you could never make such a judgment.

Ever notice how God asks evildoers about their deeds, as if He doesn't already know? Following Adam's breach, God asked, 'What have you done?' Here is the person with every right to judge but who refuses to. He waited for an answer. So where do we get off judging and passing sentence on a man based on what we think he believes? How much greater evil is it to invade a man's mind?

The word segregation has become a forbidden idea. But in fact, everyone does it. Is this because the left is interested in the well-being of blacks? Absolutely not. It is because they want to erase any appearance that there is a difference between good and evil. They impose that there should be no difference between people who are fortunate and those who are not; that no matter how rotten you are, the consequences of a life lived wrongly carries no more consequences than a life lived rightly; that all men are equally well off, no matter if one squandered one's fortune. In such an environment, government has become a fiduciary of an evil system. Now it seems that we all may be on our way to becoming slaves.

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Emanuel McLittle has a Masters Degree and two decades of experience in Counseling Psychology. His keen insight, developed over 24 years, makes him qualified to deliver honest, unambiguous guidance. mclittle@cdsnet.net