Mixed Up: The Case Against Interracial Marriage

By Emanuel McLittle

January 26, 1999

There is only one way to honestly begin a discussion about interracial marriage. It is mixed up! It is contrary to all known laws of physiology, physics, and nature. It should be obvious to any thinking person that he mixture of different peoples, substances, chemicals, races, and even atoms, weakens all its altered parts. The examples that nature gives by its unilateral choices should set the tone for how we think about "physically mixing the most complex of all created things, humans." It is interesting to note that prior to the early 1900s, everyone on earth, with very few exceptions, knew that marriage to one's own racial kind, was the most natural and undisputed of all human traditions. The evidence of this powerful genetic wisdom is seen in the reality that 93% of all those who marry or couple, still do so with a member of their own race. This, despite a 50-year campaign to darken the white races and lighten the dark races into a beige that nature did not paint.

All living things express a genetic mandate to remain separate. Be it tree, dog, molecule, atom or apples. This fact does not imply a kind of prejudice in the fingers of nature. Instead it speaks to a creative wisdom working to preserve each element, kind, species and race as it was originally created--forming a universe where an unnumbered variety cooperate in the shaping of a beautiful whole. I argue that a similar mandate exists for humans, but unlike the pine tree, a blade of grass, or the great white shark, we can ignore this mandate.

Humans are the only part of creation with the inborn ability to "decide," to make choices. Not trees, not animals, not molecules, not chemicals, not planets, stars--not fire, wind or water; nothing, besides mankind, makes its own decisions about anything. For all living things, outside mankind, the decisions about life, reproducing, death, and destiny are made by a permanent, tamper-proof programming. It is this programming that sets the example for human relationships. A pine tree does not produce an oak tree. A turtle does not reproduce a squirrel. And even similar kinds, like doves and pigeons, will not mate! In the plant world, a blue Spruce will not pollinate a Douglas fir tree. And a black man should not produce a Latin. So specific is nature in maintaining its universal wall of separation that the seed of red roses finds no welcome in the pedals of a carnation. It is obvious that nature "intermarries nothing." It is a natural law of existence to pair, or reproduce "like kinds only." If one goes to the store for cranapple juice, nature, not nature's God, produced it. The science of creation has demonstrated through all of existence that it is, by nature, "purist."

It has been said that "life is like a pyramid and man is its top-cap. Choice allows us to rebel against the universe's obvious design, but the ability to ignore life's jet-stream doesn't make it the smart thing to do." Clearly, the most powerful reason not to marry outside one's own racial, national and linguistic family lies in the fact that such differences may exist as a system which "color-codes" the qualities and slight character differences found in each kind, or race. For us to embrace the altering of the beautiful array of colors and personality-types seen in the different races, may be likened to the bomb expert who has only a few seconds to disarm the big one. They sent the wrong man if he cuts any wire believing that the red, black, blue, white or green wires all function the same. Said another way, the lost racial identity, already prominent in 30% of the world's population, may be part of the reason for the subtle chaos, epidemic in all the so-called "open societies!" But for those still unsure, there are other prevailing reasons.

Marriage was never designed solely for two people to take pleasure in each other, sexually or otherwise. The first purpose of merging man and woman is to "reproduce." Everything in nature mirrors that intent that all should sustain itself by reproduction. The key world here is "itself;" meaning to replicate the original. The implication here is that the offspring is woven into a growing tapestry that gives the original an unending life. Even the theme behind all the major religions point to a "re-birth," of sorts, as the means of joining a Celestial family that excludes all those unlike itself! Think of it. Nearly 87% of all those living today believe it perfectly appropriate that humans must be re-born into a different species in order to fit into God's family. The prevailing argument would suggest that to be racist! "Why can't we be accepted as we are?" the collectivists argument goes. Clearly, interracial marriage has become a sick and dangerous fashion that threatens to leave us all naked.

I have counseled many mixed couples who falsely believed the races carry no psychological/spiritual differences. I have rarely spoken to such a couple who see marital troubles were not compounded by an undiscovered motive to escape the psychological environment that formed them as children. None could ever explain why they would choose a partner of a different race if indeed there were no "differences." If similarity was what they really searched for, as they often claimed, a better choice would obviously be someone that was like unto their parents. Interracial marriage is often born of a disdain for oneself and an unconscious drive to erase oneself via the next generation. I would venture a guess that many of those who engage in race mixing are running on the legs of buried anger and frustration, from a helpless, painful childhood where their first mates, their parents, failed them. Growing up with a fractured identity of their own, they are often driven by a false notion that they can leave behind one ugly world by merging into another. The hard lesson such a person will have to learn is that no one, not one single person, can ever escape from him or herself or the forces that spawned them; not even by marrying where they see no reminders of an earlier, more painful time. Evidence of the flaws in such thinking is seen in the fact that 79% of all interracial marriages fail within four years, while the national average for mainstream divorce is 50%.
Deeper than the obvious, race mixing serves an obtuse political purpose that tends to undermine the social stability of all races. And when it comes to politics, there is always a hidden reason why someone wants to tinker with race, behind the locked doors of social laboratories, closed to public scrutiny. The Tower of Babel is only one of the many instances where the Creator demonstrates his distaste for the amalgamation of the races. The new and sophisticated modus operandi began four decades ago with the gradual elimination of national boarders, removing racial and cultural differences and a vicious campaign that ripped away the credibility of "white men." All this, in the latest attempt to erect a strange global community. While minorities have enjoyed having their economic and political salivary glands stimulated by transferred gain, it took thinking Blacks and Hispanics 40 years to discover that only certain white men, and later, black conservatives, were being discredited. From the founding fathers to today's so-called "vast right wing," the discredited turned out to have a peculiar commonality, they were all Christians.

Close examination reveals that these are the men whose religious principles guided their views of smaller government, a free economy, and the notion that a nation could become the home for many races, living and working together but maintaining separate blood lines. Until the late 1800s there were even laws forbidding mixed marriages. The new social order, pushed by the intellectual elites, have littered the G-7 nations with powerful subliminal suggestions designed to destroy the old order by the year 2000. In too many ventures to count, it preaches; "There is no God or higher order to be observed; the differences marked by race are unjust; morality is relative, so there should be no limit to the range of experiences one should engage in." Upon close examination this means that not only should "the intelligent" experiment with homosexuality, but one must not "discriminate" when gathering sexual and social experience. While subtle, this is the message elitists transmit to our collective subconscious on a daily basis, through its transgendered-race hybrid voice in Hollywood, higher education and a vampirish media. What thinking people must discover before it's too late is the reasons why.

A bogus struggle, dressed in the garb of "racial justice" has made a mysterious detour. What we were told, during the civil right era, was that no race should dominate another, no matter whose country it was.
Now the mask has come off the race agenda. The target has always been ideology--how to control what people think and believed. Justice, race or otherwise, was never their aim. If people could be made to believe the core ideology of the globalists; that humans crawled out of a mud hole and over the course of millions of years became a society with no inborn order, then the need for big government, a huge, controlling, global government, really is necessary. The problem is that 100 years of Darwinian mumbo-jumbo haven't done the job.

Today's science, much of higher education, and museums full of fake fossils have not changed 87% of the world's belief that humans are descended from a race of Celestial beings. Nearly every person believes that a master plan governs and gives purpose, land and destiny to all the world's races; that while we are of one human family, our separate, cooperative missions are to serve a higher purpose that transcend politics and the childish, "we-are-in-charge goals of human government." Such goals are lined with a hate of independent, self-sufficient, principled, racially pure people. If my premise is valid, the planners knew they could not effectively attack a strong, 6,000 year belief system, backed up by the direct contact with the spiritual world, plus the documents of thousands in every race, chronicling their experiences, and collective wisdom gained. The only way to penetrate such a fortress is to first break down the door with a cry for racial justice.

The probability that there are long-held ulterior motives behind the "brown skin agenda" bids us to look, with deep suspicion, at every attempt to forcibly merge the races as well as the new "sex-based" attraction the hip-hop mentality is encouraging. The long march and trillions spent to bring about "an intelligent, unisex, brown-skinned world citizen" is destined for complete failure. This hidden cabal and their handmaidens in the media, education and the world's governments, lust after the loyalty, worship, and admiration they know belongs to another. They know that anyone with a gun can rule, temporarily. But to rule permanently, your subjects must have a collective regard for you. They must adore you. They must love you. None of this can happen until the world and its varied views, in all its many nations and races, merge into one. There is one way to accomplish such a task. They must merge everyone into one race, and therefore one "mentality." And if you have a few million years and a lot of luck, maybe a majority will let you rule them, provided you hide from them that you are not God. The moral of this story is that not only should one guard against the notion of race mixing, but guard as well against its ultimate aim, the mixing of what is right, good, and wholesome with that which is not.

Emanuel McLittle is president of Destiny Communications, Inc, where he is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Destiny Magazine (PO Box 1000, Selma, OR 95825). Emanuel McLittle is a member of Project 21's National Advisory Board and is a published author for New Visions Commentary,The National Leadership Network of Conservative African-Americans, and a writer and public speaker. He can be reached at mclittle@cdsnet.net.
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