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Nothing against the truth, but for the truth.

Dear Larry,

I was disheartened but also encouraged when I read your email below. You falsely equated the ADL with “our government.” You slandered a great American Patriot, Col. Bo Gritz. You said that Dan Gayman’s website has a link to mine and that he and I are still friends. The tone of your email is vitriolic. None of this is justified or called for. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

You forwarded my private emails to you far and wide, without my permission. You have now, with accountability to no one but yourself, summarily dismissed my views and disassociated me from your congregation, which I visited only one time, except for the Feast of Tabernacles! Things you have said are blatantly untrue and dishonoring of a follow Christian. You have chosen to make public a private theological discussion. I fail to understand what would lead you to such behavior.

Dr. Jack Hyles, a fundamental Baptist preacher, once gave a sermon entitled “Nothing against the truth but for the truth.”

His text was from 2Cor 13:8: “For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.”

Larry, you can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth, no matter how you attack me! Come to think of it, I want you to know that it deeply saddens me to see a man that I respected and honored attack his fellow Christian brother with slanderous words and gross untruths. But surely, even this will advance God’s truth, both about scripture and about the kind of man you are.

Where you were once respectful to me, you have become wildly hateful. What good on earth were you hoping to accomplish?

For the record, my views on theology have been published on the open internet for well over 6 years, unchanged, in over 100 articles. These are not new at all. Intellectual and spiritual honesty dictate that you represent me fairly, as I have done you, even regarding your highly unorthodox views on the natures of both God and man and death. Instead, you have now shown your true colors and motives. I sent not a single email about our private discussion to anyone outside my immediate family except you. Now you have publicly lied and misrepresented me, slandered my character, and have attempted to destroy me and others I love. You have done it through spreading a mixture of truth and lies, just as Satan always works. Let me point out 3 clear examples of your grievous and unethical conduct:

1) Regarding Dan Gayman, you stated: “he is still friendly enough with Dan Gayman's Church of Israel that Gayman has a link to Jerry's ministry site on his web page.” In truth, there is no friendly connection between Dan Gayman and me, no link from his to any of my websites, as you claimed. In the year 2000 Dan Gayman covered up prolonged and repeated child molestation within his family, which I exposed at http://www.gaymangate.com. This is my website, not his, a ministry to inform anyone who might want to check out Dan Gayman before they become a supporter. The website has been effective in it's intended purpose. Gayman's recent appearance in Dallas drew only 5 people besides himself and his wife.

2) You wrote: "what our own government says about Gayman and Gritz." The ADL (Anti Defamation League) is a private group, pro Jewish, headed by Abe Foxman (claims to be a Holocaust Survivor, but was not yet born when Hitler invaded his native Poland!), whose purpose is to destroy the last vestiges of Christianity in America. This organization has nothing to do with our government. You should already know that. Bill O'Reilly of Fox News Network called the Anti-Defamation League an 'extremist group ' and its national director Abe Foxman a 'nut.'

3) You slandered Col. Bo Gritz, who is a man to be honored, a truly great American Patriot. William Westmoreland honored Bo with the accolade, "The American Soldier," for his heroism. You owe Col. Gritz and your readers an apology.

Larry, do you believe that people reading your emails about me and others will be able to discern your motives? A couple of scriptures come to mind now:"He that hideth hatred with lying lips, and he that uttereth a slander, is a fool" (Prov. 10:18), and: For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned" (Matt 12:37). The Lord hates: "A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren" (Prov. 6:19).

Just like Dr. Jack Hyles taught, you "can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth." The Lord is already using your communications to spread the truth of His Word. People can read what you wrote and what I have written and decide for themselves. That is fair. People will sort out the theological questions just fine. They will believe what they see, based on facts and scripture. That is the way it should be. And that promotes the truth! Thank you for publishing my websites far and wide.

Thank you for drawing much attention to my article, Two Seeds. Thank you for quoting the Jewish ADL, even calling it falsely "our government!" Thank you for your caustic words against me and against my dear friend Col. Bo Gritz. Thank you for breaching confidence in publishing my emails without my permission. All of this "can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth!" Praise God, Larry, for using you to make our private issues public, and for bringing many more people into the discussion. It can only work to advance the Truth!

May God give to you as you have dealt to others. May the God of Israel judge between you and me in these matters, and reward each of us accordingly.


Jerry Gentry

PS -- I think I'll leave up the sermon audio titled Behold the Temple. At the time it was given, you blessed it as "anointed" and "inspiring." Others can hear and judge for themselves.

PPS -- Your and my entire email discussion can be read at http://www.wildernesschurch.com/articles/gentry_lasiter-final.htm , for anyone who might have seen only part of the discussion and might want to see it all.


On 1/23/06 6:21 PM, "Points of Truth Christian Ministries" <lasiter@pointsoftruth.com> wrote:

  Hi <Recipients>,
    I have been doing some more research on Jerry Gentry and his ministry and have found that he is still friendly enough with Dan Gayman's Church of Israel that Gayman has a link to Jerry's ministry site on his web page. I have been reading some of Gayman's articles and have found that they are saying the same thing as Jerry though Gayman is much better at presenting his case. Jerry's ministry site is "Church in the Wilderness" at www.wildernesschurch.com <http://www.wildernesschurch.com>   and the Church of Israel's web site is at www.watchmanoutreach.com <http://www.watchmanoutreach.com>  . Since officially leaving the Church of Israel Jerry has been associated and attending the Feasts with Bo Gritz who also believes that the true Israel are the non Jew, white Caucasian race.
     This is what our own government says about Gayman and Gritz. The Anti Defamation League of the Law Enforcement Agency Resource Network has them both listed and this is what they say about them.
DAN GAYMAN - CHURCH OF ISRAEL: Dan Gayman, a former high school principal, leads the Schell City, Missouri-based Church of Israel, and is widely regarded as one of the theological leaders of the Christian Identity movement. He has popularized the ñtwo seedlineî theory -- widely accepted among Identity adherents -- which purports that Jews descend from a sexual union between Eve and Satan (only white Christians descend from Adam and Eve). He has been credited with inspiring such groups and figures as The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord; James "Bo" Gritz; and Eric Rudolph, who pleaded guilty to bombing three abortion clinics, a gay nightclub, and the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. GaymanÍs ability to provoke violent action through his teachings makes him an important force in the extremist world today.
      The church reflected its Identity orientation in its board of directors, which included Thomas Robb, current national leader of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan — one of the largest Klan factions in the United States — and an outspoken Identity believer (he is no longer associated with the church). Additionally, in 1973, Gayman became affiliated with National Emancipation of our White Seed, the Louisiana-based Identity group headed by Buddy Tucker. Gayman assisted Tucker in publishing the latterÍs anti-Jewish periodical, The Battle Axe News, and, in 1976, the two conducted a joint speaking tour of the West Coast.

In April 1976, Dan and a few dozen supporters took over DuaneÍs church building, locking the doors and draping banners from the windows with the legend ñThe National Emancipation of Our White Seed.î A scuffle with law enforcement officers ensued, after which Dan Gayman and eight others were arrested for trespassing (two men were also arrested for assaulting an officer). Gayman claimed that he had simply assumed his group had permission to use the building and had never intended a takeover. The trespass charges — and a federal lawsuit filed by Gayman alleging that the police had violated his civil rights — were dismissed.

While Gayman is widely considered a significant leader in Identity, he does not make this claim himself. He rejects the Identity label and refers to himself and his followers as ñChristian Israelites.î There would seem to be little difference: Gayman teaches that his congregation and supporters are the true chosen people of the Bible; Adam, Eve and Jesus were white; homosexuality may be punishable by death; interracial marriage is forbidden; and nonwhites are subhuman and soulless. This moral code is imbued with GaymanÍs belief that an apocalyptic struggle between white Christians and the international Jewish conspiracy, with its nonwhite troops, is imminent.
Gayman conveyed several of his central ideas in ñThe Two Seeds of Genesis3:15,îa booklet often cited in Identity circles; it argues that Anglo-Saxons are descendants of Adam while the Jewish people originated in a sexual union between Eve and Satan. He concludes, logically, that Jews have stolen the Christian Israelite ñinheritance.î He wrote in 1991: ñPlease, dear Christian Israelites, how have the Jews managed to steal their heritage from youƒ.What we must understand is that the Jews have good mental ability, and being guided by their father, the Devil, they have managed to carefully expunge from the Bible major truths upon which they have been able to fool the world into believing they are the true Biblical Israel.î

BO GRITZ: Bo Gritz (rhymes with ñrightsî), a former Green Beret and highly decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, became a prominent figure on the right-wing fringe after leading unsuccessful commando-style missions to rescue alleged American POWÍs in Vietnam in the 1980s. He ran briefly for Vice President in 1988 and for president in 1992, both times on the Populist Party ticket. His non electoral activities have ranged from attempting to mediate high-profile standoffs between the government and far-right figures to founding survivalist-oriented land developments to leading paramilitary training sessions. With close ties to both the anti-government movement and white supremacists, he enjoys an unusually ecumenical appeal; in recent years, he has become an adherent of Christian Identity,(belief that only non-Jew, White Caucasians are true Israelites)  and his efforts have reflected a new religious ardor. END OF ARTICLE

     Domenica, it seems that Jerry has been at this for a long time now and has devoted his "ministry" (I don't really want to call it a ministry) to proclaiming the "Truths" that the True Israel of God is only the White Race who are not Jews. That those who say they are Jews are literally children descended from  the Devil when he had "sex" with mother Eve. That "Being guided by their father, the devil" they have been able to fool the world into believing that they are the "true Biblical Israel." That only the White race is human while the other races are "sub-human" and without souls, and of course, those white people who call themselves Jews but lie, who are white devils. Snce the "Christian Identity" adherents believe that Germany is of true Israelite origin, I surmise that they would consider Hitler as a hero who made a business of rounding up and killing six million "children of the Devil" who called themselves "Jews." Bo Gritz did negotiation with Randy Weaver during the Ruby Ridge incident. It was reported that when he came out of Weaver's house he gave some White-Supremist Skin-Heads the Nazi salute and later called it a "special wave." Obviously, this movement is sympathetic to Hitler's cause.

      I have given Jerry the opportunity to renounce or correct those quotes attributed to him in the Joplin Globe, but he has not, but to the contrary has slippery defended this position. For others who will be receiving this email I should include those quotes.
"Blacks and Asians are primate races" and "Other races (than Whites) are in no danger of going to Hell or are in need of Jesus Christ" and his reasoning on why blacks should not be allowed in school with whites -"With an IQ of 80, they just can't do the work. It's unfair." In another article he referred to Blacks and Asians as being the "beasts of the field." Some of these quotes can be read at www.rickross.com/reference/israel15.html <http://www.rickross.com/reference/israel15.html>  .

     Jerry Gentry's theology concerning Jews being the literal children of the Devil can be read at his web site, "The Church in the Wilderness." The
"TWO SEEDS" at www.wildernesschurch.com/articles/twoseeds.htm <http://www.wildernesschurch.com/articles/twoseeds.htm>   and the "GOOD SEED" at www.wildernesschurch.com/articles/goodseed.htm <http://www.wildernesschurch.com/articles/goodseed.htm>

      For those of you who wish to read some of my thoughts on this subject see "The Children of the Devil and the Children of God" at www.pointsoftruth.com/newsletter/news10.html <http://www.pointsoftruth.com/newsletter/news10.html>   I conclude that there is no "race" of people who are the children of the devil, only those who reject God as Cain did and choose to carry out the will of Satan who then acts as their "father." My study on Genesis 6 showing that the "sons of God" spoken of there were not fallen angels can be read in another Points of Truth Newsletter at www.pointsoftruth.com/newsletter/news17.html <http://www.pointsoftruth.com/newsletter/news17.html>   You will have to scroll down, I think that it is the second article following "Dare the Impossible."

Now to you directly Mr. Gentry: After reading your "Two Seeds" and the "Good Seed" articles, some Gayman articles along with reading again the emails we have been sending back and forth, I have to tell you that I have become nauseous. I now realize that you are not simply a man who has been misguided to receive some dangerous and erroneous beliefs, but you are a minister actively working to spread them. After researching your web site and Gayman's site, it is obvious that you are not interested in learning real truth but in spreading lies from the devil.

      I am so, so sorry that I did not check you out before allowing you to attend the feast of Tabernacles with us. Had I known what I know now, and that you  held these foul doctrines as true, I would have thrown you out on the seat of your pants. It is not the Race of Jews who are "Tares" but you who are a poisonous plant. And not only that but a wolf in sheep's clothing. And if you think that I am a shepherd who sees a wolf and does nothing you are mistaken. I will warn everyone who I believe needs to be warned. I will publicly mark you out for disassociation with our congregation. Light has no fellowship with darkness. I believe that you were looking and waiting for the opportunity to plant those foul seeds in my ministry, as you wrote that you only wanted to "enlighten" this ministry. We are already enlightened and will have no fellowship with those who choose to walk in darkness.

      I really regret that I introduced you to ,<name withheld>, <name withheld> and the congregation in Texas which have even been allowing you to speak. <Name withheld>, is a dear friend of mine and that was his congregation before he moved to California. As far as I know <Name withheld's> wife <Name withheld> is still attending this congregation. <Name withheld> is a Christian Jew, as is his son <Name withheld> who we came to love so much. <Name withheld> and <Name withheld> who are black also attend from time to time.  In your mind, that would  be two "children of the devil" and two "sub-humans born of a primate race." All without souls indeed. It sickens me to think that I encouraged you to attend there and was happy when you told me that they had been allowing you to teach.

     The next time I correspond with you will be when you have repented and publicly renounced those quotes attributed to you and the foul doctrines you embrace. Since you are not a mere disciple but have taken the role of teacher at your web site, I surmise that you are deeply rooted in these teachings and are seared of conscience. I hope that God does grant you repentance and that you find it. Until then, you can be no friend or brother of mine. I have removed the audio file "Behold the Temple of God" from the Points of Truth Web Site and I ask that you removed the link to it from your Web Page. It will not work now anyway since I removed it from our site.

                                                   A shepherd in Christ's Service, Larry R. Lasiter

------ End of Forwarded Message


From: Points of Truth Christian Ministries <lasiter@pointsoftruth.com>

Date: Saturday, January 21, 2006 3:51 PM

To: JG <jerry@factman.com>

Subject: Re: Sermon: The True Israel of God

OK Jerry,
I am going to give you an opportunity to change you views. When I get the time this next week I will show you where you are in error. This is just not any error like understanding the nature of God, but an error that labels and entire physical race as children of the devil. It is not as if I have not answered you Jerry, I directed you to read two of my articles and listen to two of my sermons in order that you may understand my position. If you don't understand any better after reading "The Children of the Devil and the Children of God" and my Genesis 6 study, along with the sermons on the Two Covenants, another email will not bring any better light to you.

I will leave you with a couple of thoughts now before I close and get back to services. The Bible says that Eve took fruit and ate from a Forbidden Tree. This tree is called the Tree of Good and Evil. The Bible does not say that Eve partook of the serpent who was not good and evil, but evil personified. Afterwards, she gave it to her husband and he ate of the same forbidden tree. Clearly, Cain was not conceived until after Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden. Verse 1 or chapter 4 says plainly that "the man knew his wife and she concieved Cain." Cain was not born evil but chose to go that way when he killed his brother. God pleaded with Cain and said, "If you do well will not your countenance be lifted up?" The literal Hebrew reads "If you do well will you not be accepted?"

Further, God told Cain that sin was couching at the door, -it was not already in him. And that sin (Satan) had a desire for him but that he must master it. Could a man born of the seed of Satan "master sin?" Would God ask Satan to master sin - overcome his desire to sin? Of course not. It is in the very nature of Satan to sin. He was a murderer and liar from the beginning. God was telling Cain - don't give in to the urge to murder Abel. In the book of Jude we find that some false teachers who had fell away from the faith "had gone the way of Cain." This shows that Cain chose to go a way - the way of sin - the way of Satan who BECAME his father when he received the word to kill his brother.

You mention Matthew 13 - the Parable of the Sower in which God sows "seeds" and the devil sows "seeds." Jesus defined what the seed was when He said that the "seed" was the "word." Those who receive the word of God become Children of God and those who receive the word of the devil become the Children of the Devil. Briefly, regarding "Gentiles" being really "Israelites" I will say that if we cannot trust what the Apostles wrote when they refers to those converts as Gentiles then we will need to question many things that the Bible plainly states as fact. I told you already that Jesus prophesied that He would be handed over to the Gentiles to be killed. (Matt. 20:19) He was handed over to the Romans and was killed and Paul later wrote the converts of Christianity there. The Ethiopian eunuch comes to mind, who received the gospel and baptized on the spot.

I have noticed that you did not renounce those quotes attributed to you that I sent to you. I can only take that you mean that you hold them to be true or at least not bothered enough by them to address that issue clearly.

In Christ's Service, Larry


From: JG <mailto:jerry@factman.com>
To: Points of Truth Christian Ministries <mailto:lasiter@pointsoftruth.com>
Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2006 9:21 AM
Subject: Re: Sermon: The True Israel of God

Dear Larry,

Before God, I’ve tried to honor you as a friend and fellow laborer in Truth, by looking for beliefs we have in common and often neglecting potential differences. I’ve told you when some of your teachings have been eye opening to me, and very helpful and inspirational. I’ve spoken positively about you to others, often leaving out of conversations any differences that could easily have come up. You were kind to ask me to speak to your congregation, both at Tabernacles and in Russellville. I honored you and took great care not to bring into your flock ideas and scriptures that I felt might be contrary or questionable to your teachings. I later realized that my comments about the Godhead were in conflict with your views, but I did not know it at the time. You honored me by saying I my message was anointed, even inspiring. At times you have shown that you are very protective of your family and congregation, and I’ve honored that. I’ve been careful not to discuss sensitive areas of theology with members of your flock so as not to cause you problems. Truth, however, demands that we look fairly and squarely at all the evidence.

What has changed Larry?

I came to you last fall with an open mind, as a learner, a disciple, a seeker of truth, as one who openly admits I know nothing as I ought. When you mentioned Rev 3:9 in one of your recent sermons, but did not explain, I sent you my article on “Two Seeds” and asked your opinion. There’s where the problem came in. Larry, remember, I sent it to YOU only, in the spirit of private discussion, not claiming I was right or wrong. I wanted your honest input. My article challenged you with scriptures, more than one, from Genesis to Revelation. I developed this article from scriptures, using very little other source material. Later you dismissed not only my article and labeled ME as one holding to “radical views which you embraced while with the Church of Israel.” Does labeling and pigeon holing the messenger refute the message? You know the answer is no. When have you and I ever discussed the “radical views” you claim I now hold? Do you now condemn and dismiss ME without a discussion of the honest issues I brought up to you? If so, you are repeating the mistake of men like Rod Meredith, who treated you similarly. Would you be willing to tell me clearly what are my “radical views,” and to discuss these privately in some forum? If ideas are important enough to break friendship over, as you suggest, then they are important enough to at least discuss?

The Bible commands, try the spirits IF they be of God. Not every spirit is of God. If the Lord has shown me anything it is that both the spirit of truth and the spirit of error are working within most ministries, and your ministry is no exception. I’m sure you would also say that about me. You have much truth but not all. Not everything you say is square with Biblical teaching. Where you are off, you are “radically” off. Where you are on, you views, I believe, are cutting edge truth! You and I have never been able to explore most of these ideas, because we are barely acquainted with each other, and now you are ready to tell me to take my marbles and go home?!!! Is that not a bit childish? If your theology will stand the light of scripture, as I’m sure you believe it does, wouldn’t you benefit from a good debate on points of theology? I believe we would both benefit. Could we not come out the other side still as friends, even if we still disagree on some things? Are you so entrenched in your own theological world view that you cannot even so much as entertain a different view? Is your Biblical PROOF on some beliefs you hold so weak that it will not stand the light of more scripture, so you simply refuse to look closely at the evidence? Am I offending you by asking such questions? I hope not.

I would NEVER expect you to ask me to speak publicly on some theological issues, such as race. But can converted men discuss even that “forbidden” subject rationally and Biblically, without bigotry, without pre judgment or rancor? What if you are right? If so, then I need to change. What if you are wrong? Then you need to change. Do you have too much time and effort invested in your positions to be willing even to look afresh at this Bible subject? Yes, race is undeniably a theme of scripture from Genesis to Revelation, and in previous generations it could be discussed openly, both in the church and amongst the scientific community. My Encyclopedia Britannica 11th Edition 1910 speaks differently concerning the “negro” than you speak. My views on the black race are more in line with men like Martin Luther, John Calvin, William Bradford, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, etc. Your views are in line with modern concepts of racial integration. What has happened? I believe discussion on the subject of race in America is taboo because we’ve been brainwashed by the anti Biblical movement in recent years toward total racial integration. You know that in the Bible GOD separated the races. He confirmed racial separation and forbad interracial marriage through Ezra and Nehemiah. In my early days of Worldwide, even Herbert W. Armstrong knew this, and set a plan in motion for setting up segregated churches. He failed to do the job completely. Later Stan Rader, who called himself a Jew, change this doctrine. You know what happened after that. Have you closed the door of your mind to entertain a world view regarding race that is in line with historical Christianity and orthodoxy?

Suffice it to say Larry that I do not know everything. I am not the Pope, nor do I speak ex cathedra on any subject. I am a student of the Word, a learner. I am “fully persuaded” in the matters I believe, prepared to defend my understanding of Bible teaching, but also fully prepared to change my view when shown wrong. Are you willing to do the same? Are you willing to change your theology based on scriptural revelation, science and historical evidence? Or will your present day “experience” dictate your theology? This is a very important point. Most of the preachers you and I would reject are entrenched in a particular theological world view, based on a mixture of truth and error, and a whole lot of their personal experience, especially when it comes to the charismatic side of Christianity. Experience is NOT the best teacher. I speak of men like Oral Roberts, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, etc. Miracles are PROOF that God is working, they say. Show me a miracle, where the preacher teaches grace without law, and I’ll show you a miracle not from God. The coming antiChrist will deceive many by such miracles. I believe you know these things to be true.

Larry I’m sorry and disappointed. Only you can call the shots from your perspective. I brought together many scriptures in my “Two Seeds” article, hoping to add something to your storehouse of knowledge. You seem in fact irritated that I would even bring up the “forbidden” subject of race, by giving you my article on “Two Seeds,” and asking your opinion. I left out that the Talmud and a PBS documentary on origins of the Jews say modern Jewry descends from Cain. “Radical views,” you call this. OK. Turn about is fair play. How does your view of the Godhead stack up with orthodoxy? You do not believe in the Trinity in an orthodox sense, that is, in One God in 3 persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You hold Armstrong’s view on the Trinity, that the Holy Spirit is not a person. In addition, your view of the nature of man is unorthodox, i.e.., you view man as “body and spirit,” like Herbert Armstrong taught, and that somehow the “soul” of man goes into the grave with or as part of the body, awaiting the resurrection. You believe there is no conscious existence after death. This is called “soul sleep.” At least, this appears to be what you believe, from things I’ve heard you say. The orthodox view, which I hold, is that man, just like God, is triune. Man is body (Gr. soma), soul (psuche) and spirit (pneuma) (1Thes 5:23).The orthodox view of death is that the BODY only goes into the grave, and the conscious soul and spirit return to God. This is what the apostle Paul taught, i.e.., “to be absent from the body [death], and to be present with the Lord” (2Cor 5:8). Orthodoxy holds that at death, a conscious soul and spirit “go to heaven,” awaiting resurrection of the BODY, so that the whole person (body, soul and spirit) are reunited together for all eternity. These are just two areas of theology where you hold “radical views,” compared with orthodoxy. God showed me the truth on these things after I was saved in 1996, and He showed them to me from scripture, and not from experience. Sound doctrine comes through revelation (scripture), not experience. Do you agree?

Please now indulge me in one Biblical challenge, Larry. Please show me from SCRIPTURE your doctrine that the GENTILES (Gr. ethnos) of the New Testament are IN FACT non-Israelites? Show me from the Bible, from history, from science and geography that these are a different race/s than the lost ten tribes of Israel. Show me the evidence. And please. . . . I already know your experience with Africans. I just want to see your SCRIPTURAL, SCIENTIFIC, HISTORICAL, AND GEOGRAPHICAL PROOF that the Gentiles of the New Testament are somebody else besides descendants from the ancient northern kingdom of the house of Israel, divorced and scattered north from Palestine. This challenge should not be too hard since you know the Bible and history quite well I believe.

I again thank you for already shining more light into my walk regarding our position in Christ, and more light on our great calling to be part of the first resurrection. I thank you for your efforts at bringing praise worship to a higher level in church, that God might be glorified. I thank you for holding firmly to the Sabbath and for your strong moral position regarding family. I trust that you will soon also give me abundant light on the true racial identity of the Gentiles of the New Testament. I hope and pray the Lord’s blessings on your life and ministry.

Your friend,



From: JG <mailto:jerry@factman.com>
To: Points of Truth Christian Ministries <mailto:lasiter@pointsoftruth.com>
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2006 1:55 AM
Subject: Re: Sermon: The True Israel of God

Dear Larry,
Just one question please. . . who are the Gentiles you refer to below? Please clarify specifically. Thank you, Jerry

PS — I have never discussed the Church of Israel with you, nor my present beliefs and differences regarding the teachings of that church. If certain Bible topics are off limits for discussion with you, please let me know.


On 1/20/06 12:22 AM, "Points of Truth Christian Ministries" <lasiter@pointsoftruth.com> wrote:

Listen to my sermons on the Covenants -"The Truth of the Gospel" and "Perfected by the Spirit" and you will see where I am coming from. Though Jesus was crucified in 31 AD on the cross of Calvary, He was also slain before the foundation of the world.(Rev.13:8) And we were "chosen in Him before the foundation of the world."(Ephesians 1:4) All who will be a part of the first resurrection are essentially dead in Christ. Jesus said, "You believe because you have seen, blessed are those who have believed yet have not seen." This is a reference to the faithful cloud of witnesses who went before us and as we see in Hebrews 11 they begin with righteous Abel. This passage goes on to say that they cannot be made complete until we finish and complete the process. So, they are regarded also as children of promise and heirs of eternal life which is why Jesus said "Abraham rejoiced to see My day and did." And why Paul wrote that the "gospel was preached to Abraham beforehand." Obviously, Abel possessed the holy spirit, as did Noah, Enoch, Moses, Sarah, the seventy elders, Abraham, the prophets, King David, etc all before it was poured out on Pentecost. When the witch of endor brought forth Samuel from the dead he was in the likeness of a divine spirit because he was essentially dead in Christ. He could not look back at the cross but he could look ahead to it and be one of those who believed without seeing.

Yes, I agree that the Ten Tribes were taken into captivity in 721 BC by the Assyrians and later became great nations, some of which are in Europe. I have a sermon entitled "Where is Israel Today?" Jesus sent disciples to the lost sheep of Israel as recorded in Matthew 10, and Josephus records where they were located at about 100 AD. I do not share your view that the Gentiles that Peter and Paul preached to were descendants of these tribes. I believe that they were Gentiles just as the Apostles wrote.

The Israelites were offered the Covenant of Promise by which they would have become a "whole nation of Priests" at Sinai after being delivered from Egypt but they rejected it. Exodus 19 records that God would have made them a whole nation of Priests if they would enter the Covenant. Because they backed away from God, He then offered them a different Covenant which was written on animal skins. (Exodus 24) This eventually contained 613 laws and is called the "Book of the Law" or the "Book of the Covenant." These points are all explained in the message "The Truth of the Gospel." Abraham's Covenant of Promise (New Covenant) was offered again to the "Jew first" on Pentecost 31 AD when Peter stood and preached the gospel to those there in Jerusalem, some of which had called for Jesus to be crucified. Peter told them, "You nailed Him to a cross by the hands of godless men and put Him to death." (Vs 23) Again the Jews rejected the message except for a small remnant. John 1 says that Jesus came to "His own, and His own received Him not." However those Jews who did receive Him went from being a "child of the devil" who had carried out the desires of his father, to being born again as a child of God and heirs of the Promise. They became a new creation in Christ and will share His likeness as they are raised from the dead when the trumpet sounds.

Paul also laments that Israel and His fellow Jews rejected Christ for the most part as we see in Romans 9. But in Romans 11 we see that Israel will eventually be saved. When? After the return of Jesus when He will make the two Houses one again after being apart for 3000 years. He will then make the Covenant with them which is spoken about in Hebrews 8. This is not the same Covenant as Abraham's Covenant although the Commandments of God will be written in their hearts. We see by many prophecies that Israel will be a physical nation and lead the other nations after the return of Jesus and the establishment of His righteous government on the earth. Zechariah 14 shows that gentile nations such as Egypt will come to Jerusalem to learn to keep the Feasts and worship God. The later chapters of Ezekiel show that there will be a physical Temple on the earth and that Levites will again serve as priests though only the sons of Zadok will be allowed to come near the presence of the Lord.

Christians are in the Covenant of Promise which was given to Abraham and ratified by the blood of Jesus. The Sinai Covenant and its Book of the Law was ratified and sprinkled with the blood of animals. As you will see when you read my articles and hear the messages I do not agree with your "Two Seeds" article. I hope that you do not still hold some of your old views which we would see as racism -"blacks and Asians are primate races." You know that I have preached 34 crusades in Africa and have witnessed great moves of God and seen evidence of the holy spirit working in the lives of those Africans. Presently we have two Chinese in our congregation. As Peter saw that God made no distinction between Jew and Gentile when the holy spirit fell upon the family of Cornelius.(Acts 15:9) If the Covenant of Promise is only for the physical seed which I guess in your view means only the Caucasian peoples then my eyes and ears have deceived me indeed, because some of the greatest and most powerful Christians I know are black Africans. We cannot hold a theology which ignores the fruits of the holy spirit. The Pharisees and Sadducees could not accept the realities of the Miracles Jesus performed because He did not fit into their theology of what and how Messiah would be. They were so blind they labeled His miracles as coming from the power of the devil. Joseph Kimani, my dear African friend and Pastor has stayed in my home for months and I have witnessed the holy spirit in him many, many times. I would have to be blind and ignorant to believe that he has not entered the Covenant of Promise in which we receive the indwelling of the holy spirit of God. (Acts 2:38) In Africa I watched people answer the call to repent and be bapized and saw the conviction in their eyes as they came forward to confess their sins.

I love you Jerry, all of us here do. But if you still hold to the radical views which you embraced while with the Church of Israel we will not be able to be friends. I thought that you had come out of that, and I do hope that you have. I stand in hope and prayer.

Your Friend in Christ's Service, Brother Larry


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Hello Larry,

I hope your march in Little Rock will be productive for the kingdom. God bless your efforts there!

I plan to read the two articles you mentioned below as soon as I can, so I can further understand your teachings.

It is my understanding that the old covenant began on the day of Pentecost at Sinai, with the ratification of the Ten Commandments written by the finger of God in stone, as the covenant wedding vows between God and Israel (Exo 19:7-8), most of whom were later divorced (Northern Kingdom of 10 tribes) and sent away into the Assyrian wilderness (Jer 3), later showing up on the world scene as European Caucasians. Do you agree?

It is also my understanding that the new covenant began at the cross (and more formally at the first Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit (Comforter) came as Jesus had prophesied (John 14:26). If the “new covenant” spoken of in Heb 8 is yet future, that is, if it does not go into effect until after the return of Christ, then which covenant are Christians living under today and for the past nearly 2000 years?




On 1/18/06 11:20 PM, "Points of Truth Christian Ministries" <lasiter@pointsoftruth.com> wrote:

Hi Jerry, Obviously that sermon struck a nerve. I will give you a better understanding of my view when I get time to answer you in some detail. In the meantime you can read a couple of articles which I wrote about six years ago that will help lay a foundation. I have not read these in a while so I might not same exactly the same thoughts now but probably close. They are in some old Points of Truth Newsletters. The first is an editorial article entitled "The Children of God, and the Children of the Devil." www.pointsoftruth.com/newsletter/news10.html <http://www.pointsoftruth.com/newsletter/news10.html> and the second is the second article of another Newsletter, it is the article right after the editorial "Dare the Impossible" and is called "Pastor's Study on Genesis 6" www.pointsoftruth.com/newsletter/news17.html <http://www.pointsoftruth.com/newsletter/news17.html> . As a teacher I am not perfect, but I do try to present the whole counsel of God. I have taught on Hebrews 8 many times but from my viewpoint it was not relevant to the sermon "The True Israel of God" because I teach that the Covenant promised there is yet future and will take place after the return of Christ when He joins Judah and Israel and makes them one nation again. Unlike Worldwide, I do not teach that Hebrews 8 is referring to the Christian Covenant. I will more fully explain when I have the time. I have been so busy lately and we have a march in Little Rock this Sunday which we have been preparing for.
Brother Larry


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Subject: Re: Sermon: The True Israel of God

Dear Brother Larry,

I listened carefully to your sermon, “The True Israel of God,” and believe I understand correctly what you have taught. I certainly do not want to misrepresent your teaching in any way. My understanding of your position regarding Israel is that the church is true Israel, and that the church is made up of “spiritual seed” from both Israelite people and non-Israelite people. I believe your position to be that the “physical seed” descended from the man known as Jacob, later renamed Israel by God, are of little or no importance today. Further, you develop the idea that “believers” are from the spiritual “seed of the promise,” connected with but not necessarily descended from, Isaac (as opposed to Ishmael.) I believe your position is that not all of “spiritual Israel” today are necessarily descended physically from the man in scripture known as Jacob or Israel.

Larry, your teaching regarding “spiritual Israel” parallels and agrees mostly with the teaching of most main line Caucasian preachers who believe themselves to be gentiles. These preachers come from a non-seventh-day Sabbath belief and practice (their ancestors lost the commandment which was to identify them as Israel forever, Exodus 31:17), and know not their racial origins, i.e.., that Caucasian people today are descended from the “lost 10 tribes” who picked up that name as they traveled from Assyria through the Caucasus mountains, during their trek to and throughout Europe. The travels of the descendents of these peoples (House of Israel) are documented thoroughly in various books, which I’m sure you are aware of. Were these the very “gentiles” that the apostle Paul preached to? I believe so. I’ve seen an ancient plaque in London, known anciently as Londinium, bearing Paul’s name. I believe that European Caucasian peoples are the recipients of the apostle Paul’s message to the “gentiles.” I can find no evidence of other races living there during Paul’s day. Statues of Greeks and Romans from that period, on display in the Louvre in Paris, show altogether Caucasian countenances. Notice further evidence to the point:

“But now hath he obtained a more excellent ministry, by how much also he is the mediator of a better covenant, which was established upon better promises. 7 For if that first covenant had been faultless, then should no place have been sought for the second. 8 For finding fault with them, he saith, Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah:” (Hebrews 8:6-8).

As you know the writer quotes from Jeremiah 31. Is this not a clear reference to physical seed? If the new covenant was made with “the house of Israel and with the house of Judah,” that is the same physical peoples the old covenant was made with. The change was in the manner of writing (old covenant = laws written in stone; whereas, the new covenant = laws written in Israel’s hearts). There is no change in the race of people. Is this correct? And if the new covenant was somewhere extended to include non Israelite peoples, then where do we find that teaching clearly specified in scripture?

We as Christians are responsible to the full Word of God, and not just to part of that Word. What I’m saying is that anyone who teaches from the Bible is responsible to let the whole Bible interpret itself, i.e.., no scripture is of any private interpretation. We must be ready to harmonize our positions with all the other verses of the Bible, not just those scriptures we choose to teach from. How do you harmonize and explain Heb 8 with your “spiritual Israel” teaching?

I share these thoughts and scriptures with you in the spirit of love and the bond of peace, with the idea of more thoroughly understanding God’s word. Thank you, and may God bless you as you look further into this subject. I will appreciate receiving whatever response you may want to give.

Your brother,

Jerry Gentry


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Subject: Rev 3:9

Hi Larry,

I just found and listened to “Behold the Temple of God” from 12-15-05, from your sermon library, and found myself blessed all over again listening to your commentary! I noted at one point you referenced and read Rev 3:9, mentioning that is another subject. I wrote an article about this some time ago, entitled Two Seeds. It challenges the “British Israelism” identity of the tribe of Judah, as we were taught under Herbert Armstrong, This article dares to find different origins for the people today who “say they are Jews.” The link is:


If you have a chance to read this article, I would appreciate any constructive thoughts on the subject.

Thanks again for your ministry and hospitality.