Calling All Covenant Israelites

Part 3


In a recent sermon, a preacher made a powerful appeal regarding the gentiles. But he failed to tell us plainly, Who are the gentiles? Who then are the Biblical gentiles?


By Jerry Gentry


The preacher stated:


“Eph. 3:9 And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ: Isn't that. . . the fellowship of the mystery.


“What's the mystery? If we are going to have fellowship of the mystery, what's the mystery? Verse 6 of Eph 3. Here's the mystery. That the gentiles should be fellowheirs and of the same body and partakers of his promise in Christ by the gospel. That's the mystery. That's the mystery! The gentiles would be fellowheirs and of the same body.


“Gal 3:28-29 "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ’s, then are. . . are you listening? . . . are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”


“The church is Abraham's seed. The church is heir to the promise. The church is the body of Christ, which means there is no caste system in the body.”


Actually, I wholeheartedly agree with EVERYTHING said above. He came down hard when he got to “The church is Abraham’s seed.” What could be plainer than this? The church is Abraham’s seed, or turn it around, “Abraham’s seed is the church.” Now what do we have? We have limits. He could just as accurately have stated that “Abraham’s seed is heir to the promise.” And “Abraham’s seed is the body of Christ.” It appears that he as do most preachers embrace the idea that the church is made up of more than the limits of “Abraham’s seed.”


To illustrate further, we could say, the chicken is the hen, or turn it around, the hen is the chicken. Same meaning either way. Or we might say, the container is the bucket over there, turn it around and we have, the bucket over there is the container, same meaning. I could rest my case there, which would bring all the other scriptures into harmony. And without harmonizing Jer 31:31, Heb 8:8, 1 Kings 10:9, Gen 35:11 and a host of other verses such as Matt 10:6; 15:24; James 1:1, etc., the preacher was simply building his doctrine of the gentiles on one passage, and reading into that passage some unspoken meaning by raising your voice. When he did that, he perpetuated the error that the denominational church has taught for at least the past hundred years, that gentiles are anyone who is not a Jew. He presumed that his audience already knew the correct meaning of, Who are the gentiles? Without harmonizing all other verses pertaining to gentiles, he was just following a preconceived notion or pretext from his denominational past, which is not the whole counsel of God on the subject.


Did he mean to imply that anyone walking on two legs could somehow profess Christ, then bingo, God changes their genetics into “Abraham’s seed?” Really? Think about it. It is contradictory and ludicrous to think that the genes of a non Abrahamic person could somehow be changed to “Abraham’s seed.” Can a leopard change his spots?


The Gr. Word “seed” is NOT a spiritual word. It is a word denoting Biblical natural law “kind after his kind,” unchangeable. Sperma. It is pure genetics. Check it out. Nowhere in scripture do we find seed spiritualized, as he implied. There is nothing spiritual about seed as used here. There is no Biblical evidence that seed (sperma) is spiritual, notwithstanding that the denominational church for convenience has perpetuated that error. A Hebrew person has the same genetics before and after conversion to Christ. Seed is flesh, not spirit. God separated out species on earth by seed, “kind after his kind.” He commanded not to mix seed. A dog is a dog is a dog because of seed. A camel is a camel is a camel, because of the Biblical natural law of “kind after his kind.”  This idea is not legalism. It is Biblical natural law, as sure as gravity.


If a Christian jumps off a tall building and hits the ground he will be just as dead as a nonbeliever who does the same. Seed (sperma) is rooted in science not faith. Seed was half of what set Noah apart. Faith was the other half. Race mixing was rampant in Noah’s day, “for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth (Gen 6:12). But Noah was (1) “perfect in his generations” (i.e., pure in his pedigree or seed). And, (2) Noah also “walked with God.” Noah’s line from Adam was pure, not mixed with any other race. Noah was both pure in his seed or genes (1), and he was right with God in his heart (2). Racial unity in Adam is genetically impossible. It defies the Biblical natural law of “kind after his kind.” The book, “Living Races of Mankind,” by H. N. Hutchinson, London, 1856, catalogs and illustrates examples of many pre Adamic races living around the world.


Cattle breeders know and take advantage of the Biblical natural law of “kind after his kind,” or seed, as do dog breeders. But what we call humans can somehow change their genetics by change of their faith? Saving faith in Jesus Christ changes the genes of a person not by one twist of the DNA. Billy Graham wondered why some 95% of people “converted” at one of his crusades never darkened the door of a church, never opened their Bible again after that night, never changed their way of life one iota. Though they had good intentions, were caught up in the emotion of the crusade, were prayed for, confessed, etc., it just did not stick. There are millions of false conversions. People who rally around great leaders and preachers often give real appearance that they are believers. But they are not. It is not faith in Christ that saves us. The devils also believe and tremble. It is the faith of Christ in us (Rom 3:22). Now that is the mystery. Church pews are filled with churched but unsaved “believers.” I know. I was personally churched but unsaved for over 35 years of my adult life. Now I am humbled to be part of His little flock for 14 years. No matter how much I prayed, no matter how many times I confessed my sins and “repented,” made my commitment to Christ, it never took, not until one night I reached the end of myself, and by His sovereign grace He did it all.


If faith in Christ, which all churched people confess, could change a person’s genetics into “Abraham’s seed,” then, for example, a Chinese person could profess faith, and bingo that person’s genes would be changed to that of Abraham’s. Then any progeny of that Chinese person would be born not Chinese but Hebrew, an impossibility. Ludicrous. The fact is, Nehemiah chased out the aliens and mixed breeds, and sent them out of the land. Read Ezra 10 and Neh 13 for proof. I know the preacher did not mean to imply that the progeny of non Abrahamic “converts” would somehow bear children of a different race. But before you blow all this off as just the rantings of a racist kook hater or whatever, just remember one thing. If during his earlier years of marriage his wife became pregnant, and if she bore him a black baby, he would have absolutely KNOWN without a doubt that that baby was not his. The Biblical law of “kind after his kind” guarantees it.


This preacher appears to be struggling, as have many preachers before, to somehow change the Biblical natural law of “kind after his kind,” by spiritualizing seed (sperma). It is impossible to spiritualize seed, because seed follows the Biblical natural law of “kind after his kind.” Seed, sperma, does not follow the Biblical spiritual law of faith (Rom  3:27).


When he quoted “not Jew, not Greek. . . ” this time, he stuck to the Bible words, and you did not add “not black, not white” as he did in a previous sermon. That is progress. That is good. He is on safe ground when he sticks with scriptural words. He has opened this door called gentiles in a number of recent sermons. Now he must follow up and tell us more. He is spiritually obligated now that he has opened that door called gentiles to tell us plainly who they are. We cannot rely just on emphasis of his voice. If the physical genetic stock of these gentiles of Eph 3:6 is not of “Abraham’s seed” then from what genetic seed stock are they, whether converted or not?


Therefore, please tell us now plainly, “Who ARE the gentiles?”




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