Is Wal-mart the devil?

Wal-mart today is a far cry from what it was when Sam Walton, the country guy from Arkansas, founded his first store. Back then, it was a great thing, and changed retailing policy in America in some very good ways. Back then, for the first time, we shoppers could take things back for a refund, a long overdue idea that was good for both seller and buyer.

watch free,and also buy the documentary, Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price, you will see how Walmart employees are intentionally underpaid, and thereby coereced to sign up for "government" dole (ie., funded by taxpayers), just to live. The documuntary presents much "original research" on these points, not just op ed. Here is another news documentary dating back to 2004.

Is Walmart the devil? The day will come shortly when the rug will be jerked out from under our feet, and then where will we Christians buy our TV's, our shotgun shells and even our eggs and broccoli? Buyer beware! Christian support of the Edomite agenda is at our own economic peril. Walmart has unfairly, through jewish banking connection, forced small retailers to close, by the tens of thousands across America.

It's time for Christians to take back "buying and selling." It's time for Christian retailers to present alternatives to Walmart, a difficult task without the banking connection. China Mart must go! We American Moms and Pops, born of Christian Biblical stock, must wake up our neighbors to the economic train wreck about to happen. We must reclaim our heritage! We must present our collective alternatives to what the devil has given us as his last, best effort for conquering us economically.